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Vascon Engineers boasts of a formidable legacy of over 3 decades in India’s highly competitive real estate industry creating an impressive portfolio that ranges from sprawling factories to premium homes, from glittering malls to towering software parks and from classy hotels to elegant schools. ‘We understand the customer's needs and exceed their expectations"

Vascon remains committed to applying art or value-based aesthetics into the science of construction through efficient engineering. Our team is well balanced with professional engineers supported by highly qualified specialists from various fields of management allowing us to strike the right balance between efficient engineering and thoughtful development in every single across the country. With over 1.6 Million Sq.ft of bespoke construction, 49unique and elegant projects that have created a strong presence in major cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Nashik and Coimbatore, we acknowledge the 18,000 Vascon families who have placed their trust in us as we strive to bring a touch of perfection to the urban landscape

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